New Student Checklist

We are pleased you have chosen South Puget Sound Community College to further your education. This checklist outlines the important steps of our Student Success program.

Step 1: Apply for Admission
  • Applications for Admission to South Puget Sound Community College are reviewed and processed by Enrollment Services. We process applications according to the schedule below. Applicants will receive an email confirmation from Enrollment Services within 3-5 business days during the application period. Processing may take longer during peak registration times.

    What Quarter do you
    want to start?
    Applications will be
    processed starting:
    Quarter Begins
    Spring 2015 September 2014 April 6, 2015
    Summer 2015 January 2015 July 1, 2015
    Fall 2015 January 2015 September 21, 2015
    Winter 2016 July 2015 January 4, 2016
  • If you choose not to apply online you may print a copy of the Admissions Application and submit your application in the following ways -
    Mail: Enrollment Services
    2011 Mottman Rd SW Olympia, WA 98512
Step 2: Activate Your College Email Account
  • After receiving notification of Admission, you will receive an email to activate your email account. SPSCC communicates student specific information via email only through the student’s account. Make sure you activate and log in regularly so you do not miss receiving critical information. Questions? Contact the IT help desk at 360.596.5544.
Step 3: Apply for Financial Aid
  • All students should apply for Financial Aid even if they do not think that they will qualify. Financial Aid program requirements vary but the only way to know if you qualify is to apply! Visit the Financial Aid section of the website to learn more.
Step 4: Qualify for Placement

Students can qualify for placement three ways:

Take the Placement Test: The Placement Test is a tool to locate a student’s appropriate academic level. If a student is pursuing a certificate or degree, enrolling in 12 or more credits, or taking English or math, they will need to take the placement test if they do not have prior credit to be assessed. All placement testing is done on a walk in basis. View the testing calendar on the Testing Center Page for dates and times.

Submit Transcripts for Evaluation: If you have credit or coursework showing completion of math and/or English you can submit those to South Puget Sound Community College for evaluation. More information is available on our Transferring Credits page.

Submit Placement Reciprocity: If you have documentation showing placement from another Community or Technical College in Washington State via the ACCUPLACER or COMPASS or ASSET tests you can submit that placement for equivalency at South Puget Sound Community College. See the Placement Reciprocity information on the Advising Center page for more information and the application.

Step 5: Go to PRO (Pre-Registration Orientation)

PRO is designed to provide you with information you need about the college based on the type of student you are. PRO is completed by students online. Once you complete PRO you will be emailed your advisor assignment as well as your registration PIN within one to two business days. Once you have your registration PIN you can register for classes online or in person!

You can access PRO by going to the Advising Page and click on the “Go to PRO” link.

If you want more detailed explanation about our degree programs or want an unofficial review of your transfer of credit prior to PRO, make a pre-registration advising appointment by going to the Advising Page for upcoming appointment times.

Step 6: Pay Tuition/Fees
Print Your Acceptance Letter

Special Admission

The following programs have requirements beyond the regular application process. For assistance with the process contact the Special Admissions Program Coordinator
Jean Walls at
(360) 596-5282.