Pay for College

Pay for College

AmeriCorps Members: November, 2013

Please be advised of the following information regarding the process for receiving your AmeriCorps funds.

1. Complete the online AmeriCorps Education Award Voucher at When you complete the form, select the option to use the funds for current educational expenses and list South Puget Sound Community College as your institution.

2. When requesting funds, make sure you request enough funds to cover the expenses that you anticipate. The National Trust issues payments in excess of $10 in at least two installments, spread over the duration of your expected enrollment. For example, if you request $1200 for Fall quarter, it will be sent in two checks - $600 at the beginning of the quarter and $600 half way through the quarter. If you are planning on using the funds to pay tuition, make sure you double the amount you need because of the two disbursement requirement.

3. You should submit your payment request 2 - 3 weeks before the funds are needed. We will hold your classes UNTIL THE FIFTH DAY OF THE QUARTER - FALL THROUGH SPRING AND THE FOURTH DAY OF THE QUARTER FOR SUMMER. If your funds have not arrived by that time, you must be in contact with our office regarding your plans for the quarter and tuition payment.

4. Payments are sent by electronic funds transfer on Fridays and generally made available in the Cashier’s office the following Monday. The Cashier’s office will automatically pay your tuition and any remaining funds will be held on account in your name. You may have the funds held on account or issued to you.

It is your responsibility to withdraw from classes if for some reason you decide not to attend in any given quarter. Otherwise, your AmeriCorps funds will be applied to your tuition even if you are not actually attending classes. Please see the quarterly class schedule for withdrawal period and refund policy information.


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