Transferring Credits

South Puget Sound Community College recognizes that students often bring with them credit-worthy prior learning and has established various systems for the following types of prior learning:

  • transferring in credits from accredited colleges and universities (including Military College);
  • granting college credit through CALE (Credit for Alternative Learning Experience) for coursework done at non-accredited colleges/universities or appropriate scores on nationally available tests (i.e. CLEP);
  • offering course challenges for some courses;
  • Awarding college credit through the transfer process for appropriate scores or diplomas for advanced study in high school such as AP and International Baccalaureate;
  • evaluating documented, college-level training acquired in non-college training settings through the CALE process, and
  • assessing knowledge and skills gained through work and life experience that correspond to the student learning outcomes of some existing professional/technical courses at SPSCC through PLA (Prior Learning Assessment) process.

Follow these steps to complete your Transfer of Credit packet:

  1. APPLY for admission. You can apply online at the Web Admissions Center, or in person within building 25 at Enrollment Services.
  2. REQUESTofficial sealed copies of all previous college transcripts to be sent directly to you. Do not submit the completed Application for Transfer of Credits form unless you have all requested transcripts prepared and ready to be evaluated.

    Some schools will only send official transcripts directly to the receiving college. If such an instance arises, inform the Enrollment Services office and they will hold your Transfer of Credit packet for the maximum of two weeks in order for college transcripts to arrive.

    Please Note: Transcripts more than 10 years old must be accompanied by course descriptions from the college catalog corresponding to the years you attended. Contact your previous colleges to obtain the course descriptions.

  3. SUBMIT the appropriate application based on the type of credit or experience you wish to be evaluated. See the Credit Transfer Process page for more information and links to applications. Financial Aid receives a copy of all completed evaluations. Questions regarding the completed evaluation may be directed to the Credentials Evaluators in Enrollment Services at .
  • Courses will only be accepted from colleges accredited by one of the regional Associations of Schools and Colleges. The one exception is nursing courses applied to the Associate Degree in Nursing.
  • Grades for courses more than ten years old must be "C" (2.0) or better and will not be accepted if course work was for technical education which is now outdated.
  • Grades accepted for courses less than ten years old must be "C" (2.0) or better, unless the program requires a higher grade in each course.
  • For all degree programs students must complete the last 15 quarter credits, or 30 of the last 45 credits, at South Puget Sound Community College.

If you have experience or credits from non-accredited colleges, you may want to pursue other credit alternatives such as course waivers, substitutions, advanced standing, Tech Prep or Credit for Alternative Learning Experience (CALE). In these cases, contact your program advisor. If you do not have a program advisor, contact the Advising Center at (360) 596-5241 or email .

Please note:

The following conditions apply to both CALE and PLA credit for prior learning options.

  • Students must enroll in and complete at least 15 college level credits with a minimum GPA of 2.00 at South Puget Sound before any credit covered by this program is accepted.
  • A $50 per credit fee will be applied after completed evaluation.
  • Current accreditation standards suggest that no more than 25% of the credits earned through PLA processes may be applied toward a professional/technical degree or certificate.
  • For all degree programs students must complete the last 15 quarter credits, or 30 of the last 45 credits, at South Puget Sound Community College.


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