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Your support of South Puget Sound Community College through the Foundation is truly an investment in the future of this community. It is an investment in better lives for individuals and families, a productive work force and an educated citizenry.

Private gifts fund scholarships and grants to give students a chance to get the best possible start on promising careers, to provide adult learners with well-deserved opportunities for growth, and to guarantee a faculty and staff with the continuing research and training they need to stay at the top of their fields. With private support, the college can buy the equipment and tools our programs need to be current and to start up new and innovative programs on campus and in the community.

More than ever, South Puget Sound Community College is challenged to provide vocational, academic and basic skills education for a growing and diverse population. And we must meet those needs with an eye toward a changing society.

You Can Help

With your contribution to one of this community's finest educational resources, you are helping students of all ages and in all circumstances make a start toward independence, employment and understanding.