Campus Giving 

Why should I give?

The focus of the Campus Giving Campaign is to raise funds to support affordable higher education opportunities for our students. South Puget Sound Community College students who have been the recipients of employee generosity in the past have commented that scholarships as well as emergency funds have had a significant impact on their success! Additionally, your gift is a vote of confidence in the work being done here at the College and is so important because it shows prospective corporate and individual donors that our faculty and staff believe in the future of SPSCC.

How much should I give?

You can give as much as you feel compelled to give. We know that you probably contribute to many worthwhile organizations, and we ask you to consider supporting our students and the College at the same level. Our goal is to reach 100 percent participation by faculty and staff. Please consider participating at whatever level works best for you.


How can I donate?

You can make your annual gift to the Foundation by cash, check, credit card, or through payroll deduction. This last option makes a bigger impact by having a set amount deducted from each paycheck - that way your annual contribution is larger and you don't miss the extra cash. Just imagine the impact that giving $5 a pay period would have, for many full time employees that is $120!


Can I give online?

Yes. Contribute online through our secure donation form.


How does payroll deduction work?

You select the payroll deduction option on the pledge form (pdf), and the amount of each deduction you authorize the Foundation to deduct from each paycheck. Your payroll deduction will begin with your first paycheck after you submit the form, and continue until the next year’s campaign (typically in September). If you are currently using payroll deduction the amount contributed each pay period is listed on your pay stub. If possible, please consider increasing this year's contribution to further support our students.


Why should I donate to the Combined Fund Drive?

Contributing through the CFD allows your donations to go directly to the charities and causes you believe in. The Combined Fund Drive is here to make your charitable donation experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Whatever your passion, the CFD has an avenue to support it. Some of the things that a $2 monthly donation can buy: A 30 minute counseling session with a lawyer for six low-income people; lifesaving mosquito nets to protect a child from malaria; a session of speech pathology service to a stroke survivor; $8 worth of food at a food bank and the list goes on.

How do I contribute to the Combined Fund Drive?

You can donate to the CFD with cash, check, online with a credit card or you can make a one-time deduction. The CFD contribution form is available here or in the Human Resources Office. The following link has over 5,000’s charities to choose from including our very own SPSCC Foundation. If you want to donate to the Foundation through the CFD – please use ID# 1478260. All contributions received through the CFD to the Foundation will be applied to the Unrestricted Fund.

Here is the link to the CFD Charities

Where is my contribution going?

100 percent of your contribution is directed to the campaign initiatives of your choice. If you choose more than one initiative your contribution, please specify on the pledge form how you would like the total amount of your contribution to be distributed. The initiatives for the campaign are as follows:

  • Specific scholarships. Please, review the Foundation’s current Scholarship Booklet and specify the scholarship’s full name on your pledge form
  • College Programs or Campaigns. You may choose to support a specific college program, such as Automotive, CAD/BIM, Drama, Culinary Arts or ESL.
  • Unrestricted Fund. Your contributions to our Annual Fund are most appreciated, as they allow the College Foundation to respond to the College’s most urgent current needs, such as acquisition of technology, faculty development, and emergency grants to students
  • Other options are listed here.

Will people know that I gave and the amount I contributed?

In appreciation for your support the Educational Foundation will recognize you in the annual Honor Roll, published in the Soundings magazine, and on a recognition poster outside the Boardroom on the 2nd floor of Building 25. Additionally, South Puget Sound Community College Foundation Board of Directors hosts a Campus Giving Donor Reception every Spring. However, the amount of your gift will be kept confidential. If you wish to give your gift anonymously you may designate so on your donation form.

Is my contribution tax deductible?


Can I make a planned gift or include the South Puget Sound
Community College Foundation in my will?

Yes. Remembering the South Puget Sound Community College Foundation in your estate plans may help you make a larger gift than you thought possible. For more information about our planned giving options, please contact or call ext. 5204.

Remember to check to see if your spouse's employer has a matching gift program. You may be able to double, or even triple, your gift to the South Puget Sound Community College Foundation!

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