Ways You Can Help

As part of our fundraising initiative, your contribution to South Puget Sound Community College Foundation will have special impact. The Foundation is committed to securing private donations to support the following college needs:

Student Scholarships
There are two ways you can help deserving local students access quality higher education. You can establish an endowed scholarship with a minimum $20,000 one-time contribution, or a three-year pledge, to fund a scholarship in perpetuity. You can also support an annually renewable scholarship. The money you contribute to a renewable scholarship each year is the award amount given to a student. More than one out of every three students at South Puget Sound Community College relies on some form of financial aid. Scholarship assistance is vital.

Student Emergency Grants
Student Emergency Grants help students who are at high risk of dropping out of college due to a financial emergency. A minor car repair or the replacement of a lost or damaged textbook or tool can turn a situation into a crisis to a financially strapped student who is earnestly trying to complete his or her education.

Many students at South Puget Sound Community College have almost no financial reserves. Your contribution to the Student Emergency Grants fund will help ensure that students stay where they belong – in school.

Professional Development Grants for Faculty and Staff
The Exceptional Faculty Award fund supports grants to faculty members for activities to enhance their professional development. A dollar-for-dollar match by the State of Washington, in essence, doubles every dollar you contribute to this fund to keep faculty members at the cutting edge of their teaching fields.

The Trustees' Classified Staff Professional Development Award fund provides opportunities for the college's staff to increase skills. Awards support conference registration, specialized training, departmental projects and even tuition toward an advanced degree.

Your Help Matters
Without community support, of course, none of these college needs can be met. To put it simply, your gift can change a student's life. You can create an opportunity for members of the college staff to do their jobs better. You can turn a college vision into a community reality.

Thank you for considering a gift to the South Puget Sound Community College Foundation.

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