The Percival Dining Room features a different menu of world cuisine each quarter. Reservations are recommended. Call direct at 360.596.5404 or on campus at extension 5404.

The Percival Dining Room offers a fixed price menu that includes an appetizer or soup or salad and an entrée and beverage at a cost of $9.95 plus tax. You may also order a la carte with the appetizers, soups and salads at $4.25 each, entrees at $6.95 each. All entrees include appropriate starch and vegetable, and beverages at $1.50. A selection of student made fresh desserts from the Baking and Pastry Arts Program is offered at an additional $3.00 with either menu choice.

The Percival Dining Room is the instructional facility for students enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program. We are located on the campus of South Puget Sound Community College, Building 27. Except for special circumstances, we are open from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. every Monday through Thursday during regularly scheduled class days. For your convenience, you may obtain updated weekly operational information. and make your reservations by calling 360.596.5404 or campus extension 5404.

Menus, developed by the students


For reservations or updated information call direct at 360.596.5404

or on campus at extension 5404.

Free Parking Passes are available.

                Reservations are recommended. THANK YOU for YOUR PATRONAGE.


The Percival Dining Room
Building 27
For Reservations Call
(360) 596-5404
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