Cooperative Work Experience

Cooperative Work Experience (CO-op) is the Internship Program at South Puget Sound Community College. Students may receive academic credit for paid or unpaid work experience related to their educational goals. This program gives students the opportunity to apply their skills while still in college, gain on-the-job experience, and "try out" a career before graduation.

The goal of the Cooperative Work Experience program is to prepare students for the real world of work. College graduates are realizing that it takes more than a degree to get a good paying job. It takes work experience too.

Co-op offers job search, resume, and interview preparation assistance. Jobs are accessible from the student page and positions are also posted on the Job Center Board in Bldg. 25. Students may also earn credit for their current positions, Student Employment jobs and/or Work Study positions if they meet eligibility requirements.

Co-op is an elective or degree requirement in most technical programs.

Co-op is a coordinated effort between the student, work-site supervisor, and faculty coordinator. Students confer with their supervisor and faculty coordinator to develop a set of measurable learning objectives for the quarter. At the end of the quarter students are evaluated by the supervisor and faculty coordinator. A letter grade is awarded based on the learning objectives, employer evaluation and seminar assignments.

Please Note: Our program is often confused with the "Work Study Program." We are not affiliated with the work study program. Work study is a financial aid award. You must apply (and be determined eligible) for financial aid to receive work study as part of your award. Please see, Student Employment Services for more details. Students can receive Co-op credit for a work study job if it is related to their major.



Cooperative Work Experience/Internship Program
Building 25, Room 129A
Fax: (360) 596-5713

Sally Murrow
Program Coordinator
Building 25, Room 129A
(360) 596-5359