The Cooperative Work Experience/Internship Program (Co-op) offers students a unique opportunity to evaluate their capacity to perform in the career they have chosen. Students have an opportunity to learn about other career paths, as well as apply technical skills learned in the classroom. Students will also develop self-confidence, maturity, responsibility and human relation skills.

Students wanting to learn more about the internship program should make an appointment for an orientation.  The orientation is an hour-long appointment which will provide an overview of the program and begin the process of developing an internship resume and looking for internship opportunities.  It is best to plan ahead and work with the Co-op office at least a quarter before the student plans to do an internship.  Please note:  The Co-op Office assists and provides information regarding internships, but the program does not “place” students in internships.

Eligibility:  Students must be pursuing a degree or certificate at South Puget Sound Community College.  Students must be in good standing with completion of their second quarter of program study (100 level and above), with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 or higher.

Students participating in the Cooperative Work Experience program may register for one to 12 Co-op credits per quarter. A maximum of 15 credits may be earned as part of a certificate or degree program. Students pursuing an Associate in Applied Science or an Associate in Arts in General Studies should reviewed program requirements to determine the number of Co-op credits. If students are planning to transfer to a four-year college or university, they may apply a maximum of 15 Co-op credits towards the elective requirement of an Associate in Arts degree. Students will need to check with the college they plan to attend regarding the acceptance of Co-op credits. Students receiving Veterans Education Benefits must contact the Veteran's office on campus for approval.

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Sally Murrow
Program Coordinator
Building 22 Suite 250
(360) 596-5359