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Educational Plan

An Educational Plan is a written plan that lists the courses needed to complete a particular degree/certificate.  Educational planning forms are available in the Counseling Center and the Advising Center.

To make a successful educational plan, it is important to select courses from the General Educational List specific to your educational program.   For those planning to transfer to a four-year college, the Associate of Arts degree Planning Guide has the Distribution List on the reverse side.  For Associate of Technical Arts degrees, the General Education List is on a separate sheet.  The following summarizes the credit distribution for both:

Associate of Arts Degree (A.A.).
Communications:  10 cr-Writing 101 and Writing 102
Quantitative:  5 cr-from A.A. G.E. List
Humanities:  15 cr-from 3 disciplines
Social Sciences:  15 cr-from 3 disciplines
Natural Sciences:  15 cr-from 3 disciplines and must include 1 lab science
Electives:  30 cr: 15 cr-from A.A. G.E. List, 15 cr-any course 100 or above

Associate of Technical Arts Degree (A.T.A.)
Core Program:  Usually 50-75 cr
Communications:  Reading/Writing - 5 cr-Writing 101, Speaking/Listening - 5 cr-See A.T.A. G.E. List
Computation:  5-8 cr-See A.T.A. G.E. List
Human Relations:  3-5 cr-See A.T.A. G.E. List

It is recommended that all basic skills course requirements (English, reading, and math under 100 level as indicated by placement test results) be completed first.  Once basic skills requirements are met, the student and their advisor should discuss the structure of their degree, and select courses appropriate for their program.  It is important for students and advisors to pay close attention to courses which are sequential or only offered during certain quarters.

The Advising Program at South Puget Sound Community College requires quarterly advising for full-time and degree-seeking students.  Upon completion of a minimum of 10 college-level credits with a 2.0 GPA, students may elect to complete this Educational Plan with the advisor.  Once the signed and dated copy is presented to Enrollment Services by the student, the student is released from the quarterly advising requirement.  Academic progress is  monitored for all students.  A minimum GPA of 1.75 must be maintained through 29 credits attempted; a minimum GPA of 2.0 must be maintained once the student has attempted 30 or more credits; and a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 is required for graduation with a degree or certificate.  The college may intervene and require the student to seek advising assistance for failure to maintain the minimum grade point average requirements, as state above.

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

As a student with an approved Educational Plan, you will use your student identification number and a Global PIN (your birthdate in six digits) for registration. You may register at your appointed time each quarter without seeing your advisor.


Advising Center
Building 22 Room 210
(360) 596-5241

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