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Campus Resources

Appeal Guidelines For Academic Dismissal

South Puget Sound Community College’s academic policy is explained in the college catalog (see page 16).  Students who have been dismissed may re-enroll after 1 quarter and MUST appeal their dismissal the quarter prior to the quarter in which they plan to re-enroll.

How Do I Appeal My Dismissal?
The Academic Standards Committee – which is a group of faculty and administrators from this college – decide together whether a student will be allowed to re-enroll at SPSCC. The appeal process is the way that you tell the committee why you are ready to re-enroll and what you will do to be successful in your studies. Here are the steps for the appeal:  

1. Attend a Workshop. The College provides Appeal Workshops to help you with the appeal process. For workshop dates and to sign-up for a workshop contact Student Life at (360) 596-5306

2. Write an Appeal Letter to the Academic Standards Committee.
You will learn about what to include in this letter at the appeal workshop.

3.Print and submit your Degree Audit by going to our web site:

Please remember to expand all sections on your degree audit.

4. Create an Academic Plan with a College Counselor:
You can schedule this appointment at the appeal workshop.
You can also schedule an appointment by calling (360) 596-5306.
The Counselors are:

- Yolanda Machado
- Colleen Clukey
- Sally Sharbaugh
- Julie Kunz

5. Submit three items to the One-Stop Counter in Building 22:


This MUST be done by the APPEAL DEADLINE for the quarter before you plan to re-enroll (for example: if you plan to re-enroll in Winter Quarter, you must complete the appeal by the deadline during the Fall Quarter).
You can call Enrollment Services at (360) 596-5241 or Student Life at (360) 596-5306 for the next deadline.
You can check here for the upcoming deadlines.

6. The committee will make their decision regarding your appeal within a week of the deadline. They will mail you notification of their decision.

7. If you have any qestions see the frequently asked questions link or call (360) 596-5306.


Counseling Services
Building 22, Suite 260
(360) 596-5306
FAX (360) 596-5708

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Counseling Appointments

Counseling Services Flyer (pdf)