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Academic Dismissal Frequently Asked Questions:

What Happens After I Turn In My Appeal Letter And Academic Plan?

  • The Academic Standards Committee will meet and review your appeal letter, academic plan, placement test scores, and transcripts.  The Academic Standards Committee meets only once per quarter. 

    If your appeal is approved, the committee may set stipulations/limitations related to your re-enrollment. This will be your Academic Appeal Plan, which will be the plan that you follow (regardless of what you and your counselor wrote on your plan).  A copy of your plan will be kept on file in Enrollment Services.

When Will I Learn About The Committee's Decision?

  • The Academic Standards Committee meets only once per quarter.  You will be notified in writing of the Committee’s decision within 5 business days.  In this notification you will receive the results of your approved Academic Appeal. You will need to bring this letter with you when registering for classes.

How Do I Register For The Classes On My Plan?

  • When it comes time for you to register, you will be required to register in person at Enrollment Services by bringing your Academic Appeal letter and using an Add/Drop form (also available at Enrollment Services). You will only be able to enroll in the classes that are listed on your Academic Appeal letter. You will have to enroll in person through the duration of your Appeal Plan.

    If you need to change your Appeal Plan for any reason, you must meet with a counselor to discuss your needs. If they approve the change in your Appeal Plan, then they will need to sign off on your Add/Drop form.

What GPA Do I Need To Get While I'm On My Appeal Plan?

  • As during any quarter while you are enrolled at SPSCC, you are expected to maintain satisfactory academic progress by achieving a quarterly grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or greater. Failure to maintain a quarterly GPA of 2.0 or greater will put you on Academic Dismissal from the College for no less than 1 quarter.

What Do I Do When I Am Done With My Appeal Plan?

  • You will be removed from your Appeal Plan upon successful completion of your plan and maintaining a quarterly GPA of 2.0 or greater for two quarters in a row. You are not officially removed from probation until your grades are posted.

    There will be a block for on-line registration until your grades are final and posted. This means that you will have to come into Enrollment Services to register in person.  However, you will not need to have a counselor sign off on your Add/Drop form and you are able to take what classes fit your degree path.

How Do I Write My Appeal Letter And Academic Plan?

  • The college provides APPEAL WORKSHOPS to assist you with the appeal process. In the workshop you will receive directions on how to write your Appeal Letter and Appeal Plan as well as what to include in these documents.
    Basic directions are listed on the Appeal Guidelines.

How Do I Create My Academic Plan? What's Supposed To Be On My Plan

  • Your plan will be on a specific form available to you through Counseling Resources. The plan addresses what you will do differently to help you succeed as you resume classes (e.g. use tutoring, attend class consistently, etc.) and it will include what classes you will be taking while you are on an Academic Plan. You will create this plan with your counselor and will receive more information on creating this plan at the Appeal Workshop.

How Do I Print My Degree Audit?

  • Print your degree audit for submission by going to our website:
    Please expand all categories in your degree audit. To do this, look for the expand all button on your degree audit.

    When looking at your degree audit you will see that the first blue field is the “Communication” requirement for your degree/program. Just above this blue field is a list of words, one of which is “expand all”. You will be asked to reprint your degree audit if you do not have the items “expanded.”

How Many Credits Can I Take While I Am On My Academic Appeal Plan?

  • You will be limited to 10 credits or less while you are working through your Appeal Plan. If you attend classes during a summer quarter, you will be limited to 5 credits or less. There are rare exceptions to this rule, but exceptions are determined by the Academic Standards Committee only. Counselors and Advisors cannot over-ride the Committee’s decision regarding the number of credits you are allowed to take. 

What If I Was Dismissed More Than 3 Years Ago?

  • If you were dismissed over 3 years ago you will be required to complete the Academic Appeal packet (Academic Appeal Plan, Appeal Letter, and Degree Audit) and meet with a counselor, but you will not be required to submit this packet by the Appeal Deadline. All other limitations that are a part of the Appeal process will apply to you.

Can I Take Classes At Another College Or University If I'm On Dismissal From SPSCC?

  • Yes. Your Academic Dismissal affects your attendance with SPSCC only. If you accept financial aid you will need to check with the financial aid office about receiving funding for attending classes at another college or university.


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