Campus Resources

Campus Resources

Quarterly Request for Accommodations (Returning Students)

  • It is your responsibility to complete and submit an Accommodation Request Form when you register for classes EVERY QUARTER you are enrolled.
  • Some accommodations (e.g. interpreting services, text in alternative format [Braille, e-text], textbooks on audiotape, enlarged print, etc) require substantial advanced notice (15 to 30 working days or more). You should plan to register and request accommodations as soon as possible.

- Accommodation request form (pdf)


Disability Support Services
Building 22 suite 260
Second Floor

(360) 596-5306

(360) 596-5394

Assistant Director
of Diversity and Equity:
John Rajcich
(360) 596-5306

Director of Diversity and Equity:
Eileen Yoshina
(360) 596-5383


DSS Exam Form (pdf)
Procedures and Complaint Process (pdf)