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Campus Resources

Testing Center

The Testing Center administers tests and provides proctoring for South Puget Sound Community College Students, as well as limited servicing to other colleges and communities in the greater area.


The main tests that we provide are:

We also do the entry testing for basic skills classes:

What’s a CPT?

The Accuplacer CPT is a computerized college placement test used to assess basic skills and measure skill levels in reading, English, and math. The College Board develops placement tests with help from college professors, and determines what skill levels are required for success in a college environment. The CPT also offers optional Algebra tests for a higher math placement. Results of this test will indicate the most appropriate level of course to enroll in. Low test scores will not keep anyone from enrolling or entering the college. However, low test scores may require that you take one or more quarters of basic skills classes before entering the program of your choice.

If a student has taken a placement test and would like to do some practice or studying without taking a lower level class, there is a diagnostic test available. The diagnostic is included in the $25 fee. For an additional $15 a student can access MyFoundationLab (MFL). This is an individualized learning plan based on the results of the diagnostic. Students can go through 10 weeks of modules that will allow them to study the skills needed to improve the scores on the CPT.

Placement Testing is done on a walk-in basis. See the Testing Center Calendar for hours and location information.

What’s a High School Equivalency (GED®)?

A High School Equivalency (GED® - General Education Development) certificate is earned by successfully passing the following timed examinations:

  1. Language Arts - Reading and Writing
  2. Mathematics
  3. Science 
  4. Social Studies

For hours and location information see the Testing Center Calendar.

If you are under 19 and at least 16 you will need an approval to test form or notarized home school letter, before you can start testing. Photo ID is required for all testing.

Online Math Testing

Testing for online math classes offered at South Puget Sound Community College is coordinated through the College Testing Center. Students receive a course syllabus from their instructor stating the days and times testing occurs.

    How do I set up my tests?
  • Online testing occurs on the mid-term and final dates listed on your individual class syllabus.
  • To schedule your online math test click on the link on the Testing Center page or follow the link on your syllabus. The registration link is
  • You will be able to print out a receipt after you have registered for the exam, please bring the receipt/ticket with you when you come to test.
  • If you want to test early, please contact the testing center by emailing at or walking in.
  • Should you require accommodations for a testing session, contact Disability Support Services by emailing  or calling John Rajcich (360) 596-5306.
    Testing Location
  • Online math testing happens in building 22, suite 201 on the main campus.

If you have further question call (360) 596-5376, or email us at .

College Level Exam Program (CLEP)

The College Level Exam Program allows students to show proficiency in certain subject matter. We offer the on-line version of the CLEP exams, there are 34 tests available. College credits are awarded if you get a minimum score on the test. Please check with your institution to see what they will accept and what the minimum score is that they will accept.

The CLEP test is offered on a walk-in basis, during regular CPT testing times. The College Board charges $80 for the CLEP exam and the testing center charges $35 for administering the test. 

Outside Proctoring Services

If you attend another college and need a test proctored, the Testing Center at SPSCC may be able to help you. We offer outside test proctoring on Mondays through Thursdays, typically for $35.00 per test. For more information please email the testing center at , or call (360) 596-5376.

Where are we located?

Center for Student Success - Building 22, Suite 201 
Testing Center (360) 596-5770


Testing Center
Student and Administrative Services
Building 22, Room 201
(360) 596-5770

NOTICE: New Testing Center hours beginning in April

Testing Center Schedule

Test Calendar (pdf)
Advising Calendar (pdf)

Accuplacer / CPT Test Scores

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