Campus Resources

Campus Resources

Education for Prevention

The Diversity and Equity Office is committed to providing effective education and outreach related to combating hate and bias on campus. This includes ally development, tolerance, self-actualization and reflection, sensitivity trainings and exposure to a variety of topics and issues that address diversity-related issues.

The Diversity and Equity Center (DEC) is a safe, welcoming, educational and fun center on campus where students of all identities and cultural groups can find support, friendship, and assistance. The DEC is located in the Center for Student Success (Building 22, 2nd floor) and is open from 8-5 (sometimes longer—look for lights, or call 360-754-7711 extension 3497.

The Diversity and Equity Office believes in the development of a set of cultural competencies that assist and prepare students for life after college. Programs and events include cultural celebrations, issue-based lectures and forums, advocacy trainings and personal development.

For information about current and future events and programs, visit our DEC website or call 360-596-5383 to reach Eileen Yoshina, Director of Diversity and Equity.