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Safe Zone Team Coordinator

Role of the Safe Zone Team Coordinator

The Safe Zone Team Coordinator facilitates appropriate services that are available for the victim or witness. These may include:

  • Crisis counseling
  • Appropriate medical referral
  • Referral to Student Support Services to meet with a college counselor
  • Providing advice on the college's complaint process and procedures
  • Contacting the victim/person affected within 24 hours and encouraging them to seek assistance.

In addition, the Safe Zone Team Coordinator:

  • Encourages person(s) affected to report the occurrence to law enforcement.
  • Notifies the following offices, or others as appropriate and with the victim's consent, to the extent allowed by law: Vice President for Student Services (if incident involves a student, either as the victim or the perpetrator), Vice President for Human Resources (if incident involves an employee, either as the victim or the perpetrator), Student Support Services - Counseling, and International Student Services (if either the victim or the alleged offender is involved in that program)
  • Maintains confidentiality, to the extent permitted by law.
  • Provide statistical information and data to Public Safety as required under the Jeanne Clery Act (