Campus Resources

Campus Resources

Third Party Involvement

Third Party individuals who are contacted by a person affected by a bias-motivated incident or hate crime should encourage that person to:

  • Contact Campus Security and/or law enforcement to file a report.
  • Report the incident to the Safe Zone Coordinator (link to email)

If the victim wishes to speak only to the Third Party, then the Third Party should:

A.  Ascertain whether the victim needs immediate medical assistance. Ask the victim directly if he/she is all right physically and call 911 for immediate medical assistance as needed.

B.  Find out the victim's most critical concerns and respond in a non-judgmental way. Recommend appropriate resources for the victim and feel free to consult with the Safe Zone Coordinator for additional guidance. Victims can remain anonymous. If the victim  requests anonymity, respect that wish.

C.  Remember, the person affected may wish to do nothing further, other than have a conversation with the Third Party.

D.  Report the incident to Campus Security (names of victims are not required) so the college can comply with legal reporting requirements.