What is it?
If you can’t find your needed item in the SPSCC Library, you can ask us to find it at another library and have that library send it to us. If the item is a book, we then loan it to you for a time determined by the lending library. For journal articles, we will usually send the article to you electronically via your email. Most libraries will not loan CDs, DVDs, or videotapes.
Who can use it?
If you are a student, staff member, or faculty member at SPSCC you may use this service.
How long does it take to get an item?
For journal articles, it takes a day or two to receive it. It takes up to two weeks to get a book once it has been requested.
How long can I keep a book?
That depends on the lending library. You will usually be able to keep a book for two or three weeks. You also may be able to renew it if you need to keep it longer.
What does using the ILL service cost?
It’s free to you! The only possible cost to you is if you don’t bring the item back in time. You will be responsible for paying any overdue/lost charges if you return an item late or damaged, or if you don’t return it at all. Any fines may keep you from getting your transcripts, grades, or diploma.
How do I request an ILL item?

To order an item by interlibrary loan, complete this form and submit it.  You may also contact Jill Bean by email  or phone 360.596.5474. Please have as much information as possible for the item(s) you will be requesting (Title, Author, Journal name, Article Title, Publication date or any unique identifiers). Make sure you include your name, Student ID (SID), email address, mailing address and phone number.