Main Library
Main Library Phone 360.596.5271
Individual phone extensions follow individual staff names below
Public Services  
5416 Dean of Academic Support Services/Library
5259 Faculty, Reference and Instruction Librarian
5258 Faculty, Reference and Instruction Librarian
5436 Faculty, Systems and Electronic Resources Librarian
5345 Adjunct Faculty, Reference and Instruction Librarian
5474 Administrative Assistant 3
5426 Circulation Supervisor. Purchasing
3411 Circulation Assistant
3411 Instruction and Classroom Support Technician
Ginger Knoblock 5271 Student Worker/Circulation Assistant/Intern
David Dahlberg 5271 Student Worker/Circulation Assistant
Celisia Berrington 5271 Student Worker/Circulation Assistant
Technical Services
5346 Cataloger. Spydus. Processing Supervisor
5344 Media Reserves. Print Reserves
5350 Discard Sales. Periodicals. Webmaster
5271 Student Worker
Lorraine Price 5271 Volunteer