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Campus Resources

Graduation 101

General Information for all degrees

  • Minimum GPA 2.0 required – some programs require higher standards
  • Basic Skills must be met – this is based on courses or placement
  • Quantitative courses for Transfer Degrees and some Technical Degrees may have prerequisites
  • Degree Requirements must be met
  • Diversity Requirement must be met
  • Last 15 credits or 30 out of the last 45 credits need to be taken at SPSCC

Different Kinds of Degrees

You must apply for graduation for ALL degrees and certificates. Some degrees have certificates within them – you must apply for the diploma and each individual certificate in order for it to post on your transcript AND for us to order diplomas

Transfer Degrees
  • 2+2 model (2 years at SPSCC and then 2 years at the university)
  • The goal is to complete general university requirements at SPSCC
  • Complete any prerequisites to your major related classes
Applied Science Degrees & Certificates
  • These degrees are designed to complete courses toward a particular career skill
  • The goal for these degrees is to graduate and to go to work in a career area
  • These degrees are generally non-transferable

Students are responsible to:

  • Ask questions about your degree or certificate and meet with assigned advisor regularly
  • Follow the degree planner/program planning guide. Don’t assume you can substitute or waive certain courses. Be sure you are meeting the basic skills requirements if applying for certificates.
  • Maintain continuous enrollment. If you take two or more quarters off, you will be under a new catalog and subject to new degree requirements in effect upon re-entry.
  • Submit a graduation application for each degree or certificate, up to two quarters prior to graduation and not later than one calendar year after you have finished classes.
  • Inform Enrollment Services if you change the quarter that you plan to graduate.
  • Make sure fines are paid and that you are current with financial obligations to the college
  • Keep your address and name up-to-date. Inform or call (360) 596-5241.

Degree audit is a great tool to help you track your progress!

Online Degree Audit Tool.

  • NOTES may be left for you from advisors in Degree Audit - click NOTES tab to view.
  • View degree requirements for any Degree in Degree Audit. Choose degree in drop down list. Click "Expand All" to see all classes, Click " + " to see Course Options.
  • Monitor progress – view completed requirements and see what is remaining.
  • NOTES section may have information on transferred credit and/or graduation application review.
  • Click TEST SCORES Tab to view Placement Test scores.
  • Academic plans can be created and saved within Degree Audit.

Advisors can help you track your progress!

Meet with your assigned advisor each quarter prior to registration. Advisor contact information can be found on the Faculty & Staff directory.

If your advisor is not available you can make a graduation check appointment with an Educational Planner in the Advising Center in Building 22 or a make a graduation check at:

How and why do you need to apply for graduation?

Graduation Application

The How
The Why
  • You may get an official degree check so that you know exactly what is left to take
  • You may get priority registration in your last couple of quarters
  • This is the only way to get your degree or certificate posted on your transcript even if you are not participating in the graduation ceremony
The When
  • Up to two quarters before final class and no later than one year after final class

Deadline for Graduation Ceremony Commencement Program List - Applications must be received by April 30th to have your name and degree listed on Program List at the Graduation Commencement Ceremony.

What is the difference between Graduation Ceremony and Degree Posting?

Graduation Commencement Ceremony - Commencement
  • Graduation Commencement Ceremony is the Celebration held in June for all graduates
  • Participation in the Graduation Commencement Ceremony is Optional. Not Official since grades are not posted at the time the ceremony is held
  • Information will be updated yearly in May on the Commencement webpage
  • Your Name and Degree may be listed on the Graduation Commencement Program List - you must apply for Graduation by April 30Th - Graduation Application
  • Graduation High and Highest Honors Achievements may list in Commencement Program based on winter quarter cumulative college level grade point average GPA:
  • ~ GPA 3.75 to 3.89 HIGH Honors. ~ GPA 3.9 to 4.0 HIGHEST Honors.
Degree/Certificate Posting - view my grades/unofficial transcript
  • The posting of your degree/certificate on your transcript is your official confirmation of completion. View your transcript
  • If requirements have been met, your degree/certificate will appear on your transcript sometime during the quarter after you finish classes.
  • Processes may take longer for spring graduates due to the higher volume of applicants.
  • Transferred in credits will appear on your transcript at time of posting.
  • Please note if your application has been denied, contact advisor, register for remaining classes, and re-apply for graduation when remaining graduation requirements are in progress  (there is a possibility of new requirements if a break of 2 quarters or more).
  • Diplomas mailed to you several months after requirements met, keep address up to date.
  • Diplomas are Printed with NAME Listed and Mailed to ADDRESS Listed in System.
  • Please keep your info up-to-date and Change My Address and E-Mail when needed.
  • NOTE: If your address is NOT correct and your Diploma is mailed to the wrong address and you do not receive it, you will be subject to a $10 Diploma Replacement Fee.
  • If you apply late, or any delay in posting of degree - this may delay diploma order.
  • Diplomas and transcripts are not released if a student has unmet financial obligations.

If you need help-ask us!

Contact your advisor or Enrollment Services if you have questions about your degree requirements or graduation!
  • Graduation Services can be reached at
  • Advising Center can be reached at  in Building 22 and/or call (360) 596-5241 for additional information.


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