Areas of Study

Areas of Study

Automotive Technology

Degree options

  • Associate Degree
    An Associate in Applied Science Degree will be awarded upon successful completion of a minimum of 90 credits in courses numbered 100 or above. All core and general education  requirements must be met.
  • Certificates of Proficiency
    A Beginning Automotive Technology Certificate will be awarded upon completion of AUTO 100, AUTO 111, AUTO 118, and AUTO 119.
    An Intermediate Automotive Technology Certificate will be awarded with the addition of AUTO 116, 117, 220.
    An Advanced Automotive Technology Certificate will be awarded with the addition of AUTO 215, 221, and 223.

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South Puget Sound Community College does not train auto mechanics, but auto technicians. The difference?

"A mechanic, goes after your car with a hammer. An automotive technician talks to your car with a computer."

The distinction is important to your potential career in this field. That's why South Puget Sound Community College has developed a state-of-the-art automotive technology program with a strong emphasis on electronics and computer diagnosis. That's also why our two-year program combines rigorous lecture and lab coursework with hands-on experience.

The automotive occupation employs more than 17,800 persons in the state of Washington. There is a shortage of qualified journey-level workers. Studies show many employers are reluctant to hire trainees without on-the-job or live shop experience. Job prospects are best in high population centers. Some mechanics specialize in one aspect of repair work while others become technicians or general mechanics. Car dealers, garages, service stations, industrial plants, and public agencies are potential employers.

What You'll Do Here
Every car is a combination of systems: fuel system, power train, cooling, electrical, emission, braking and suspension. In the classroom and in South Puget Sound Community College Automotive Shop, you'll learn these systems inside-out, top-to-bottom, forward and backwards. You'll learn how to diagnose, troubleshoot, replace and/or repair problems in each system.

In addition to learning the technical aspects of car repairs in the college Automotive Shop, you'll learn the fine points of customer relations. You can also take advantage of our Cooperative Work Experience program by earning credit through a part-time job with a firm in the community.

Students with previous automotive background or completion of high school automotive training can receive advanced placement credit for AUTO 100 and enroll directly into AUTO 111. Students who have had no previous automotive training must enroll in AUTO 100 or have instructor's permission. Students may enroll in AUTO 100 and AUTO 111 concurrently.

The program is certified by the National Automotive Technician Education Foundation. For the technician in the field, single classes may be taken for update upon instructor approval. For information during Summer quarter please contact the Counseling/Career Center, 754-7711, ext. 5261.