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Class Descriptions

ANTH& 100 Survey of Anthropology
ANTH& 104 World Prehistory
ANTH& 204 Archaeology
ANTH& 205 Biological Anthropology
ANTH& 206 Cultural Anthropology: Diversity
ANTH& 207 Linguistic Anthropology
ANTH& 210 Indians of North America: Diversity
ANTH& 216 Northwest Coast Indians: Diversity
ANTH& 227 Pacific Island Cultures: Diversity
ANTH 245 Ethnographic Fieldwork
ANTH 250 Topics in Anthropology: (Variable Subtitles)
ANTH 250E Topics in Anthropology: New Zealand 
ANTH 250F Topics in Anthropology: British Isles
ANTH 270 Anthropology of Diverse Sexualities: Diversity


Faculty Websites

Patrick Chapman