Areas of Study

Areas of Study

Dental Assisting Technology

Degree options

  • Associate Degree
    An Associate in Applied Science Degree will be awarded upon successful completion of a minimum of 90-credits in courses numbered 100 or above. All core and general education requirements must be met, with any additional credits to be selected as electives. Courses coded DENT must be taken in succession. Other courses may be taken prior to or concurrent with the dental assisting courses.

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"The Heart of the Dental Team"
Behind the scenes of a successful dental practice, dental assistants help ensure quality care for their patients. As a key member of the dental team, a dental assistant's responsibilities include exposing x-rays, placing sealants, polishing teeth, preparing dental materials, placing temporary restorations, and assisting dentists as they care for patients. Dental assistants also know how to sterilize instruments; inventory, prepare procedural trays; and instruct patients on post-operative and preventative oral health care. If you like to help others, work well in team settings, and have good eye-hand coordination, dental assisting may be the perfect career for you. You'll be embarking on a career that is an exciting blend of technical expertise and people-to-people contact.

Individuals graduating from the program may be hired as an expanded duty assistant, hygiene assistant, dental receptionist, or traditional chairside assistant. Employment opportunities are high and well distributed throughout the United States. Fortunately for students enrolled at South Puget Sound Community College, the west coast offers some of the most advanced education and job application in this field. Successful students completing the dental assisting program will be able to seek employment fully confident in the skill level and knowledge they have received.

What You'll Do Here
South Puget Sound Community College's Dental Assisting Technology program is designed to help students meet their educational goal of becoming a Certified Dental Assistant. You will learn in the classroom, dental lab, radiography lab, and in the Campus Dental Clinic, where patients receive dental services from local dentists and students. You will learn in a professional health care setting and gain valuable skills in patient assessment and management; preparing for procedures; home care instruments; inventory and ordering supplies; and assisting during restorative procedures. Your training will emphasize becoming proficient in expanded functions such as taking x-rays and placing temporary fillings.

The Dental Assisting Technology program at South Puget Sound Community College puts an emphasis on individual attention and teamwork. You’ll learn and work with your peers for four quarters. As a team member, you will learn about dental procedures and instrumentation; dental cements and restorative materials; dental sciences; sterilization and infection control; prevention and patient education; radiography; and office assistant procedures.

You’ll rotate into the campus dental clinic where you'll work directly with patients from the community under the expert direction of dentists as well as highly trained program staff. When you finish the program, you'll have more than 250 hours of actual hands-on chairside assisting experience.


Dental Clinic

On campus dental clinic.