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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

Degree options

  • Associate in Applied Science
    An Associate in Applied Science Degree will be awarded upon successful completion of a minimum of 90 credits in courses numbered 100 or above. All core and general education requirements must be met with any additional credits to be selected as electives.

Early Childhood Education Statewide Credentials

  • Certificate of Achievement
    ECE Initial Certificate will be awarded upon completion of ECED& 105, ECED& 107, ECED& 120.
    (12 credits total)
  • Certificate of Proficiency
    Short Certification of Specialization will be awarded upon completion of Initial Certificate, plus EDUC& 115 and one of the following: EDUC& 130, ECED& 132, EDUC& 136, ECED& 134, ECED& 139.
    (8 credits-20 credits total).
  • Certificate of Completion
    ECE Certificate/State Credential will be awarded upon completion of Initial Certificate and Short Certification of Specialization, Plus 27 credits from the following ENGL& 101, MATH 100, EDUC& 150, ECED& 180, ECED& 190, ECED& 160 and ECED& 170 or EDUC& 130.
    (27 credits - 47 credits total)

  • Associate in Applied Science - T Degree
    An Associate in Applied Science - T Degree in Early Childhood Education will be awarded upon successful completion of a minimum of 90 credits in courses numbered 100 or above. All core and general education requirements must be met, with any additional credits to be selected as electives.

Programs/Programs/ece.jpg ADVISORS
Christine Moon (360) 596-5378
Caprice Paduano (360) 596-5462

Program Information
(360) 596-5293

Press a childhood educator for more detail, and he or she is likely to add that there's nothing as challenging, exhausting, frustrating, rewarding and exhilarating as bringing out the best in a child in the crucial early years of socialization.

Make no mistake about it: a career in early childhood education is not baby-sitting. It is social advocacy at its most challenging level-interacting between family, community, curriculum and child. The instructors at South Puget Sound Community College applaud your choice of early childhood education as a career and will do everything possible to make your entry into the profession a successful one.

Early childhood educators are employed by child care center, Head Start and ECEAP preschools, cooperative preschools, private preschools, family child care homes, park and recreation departments, and public schools. Men and women with an AAS degree can qualify for positions as preschool teacher, child care director, child care worker, child care program supervisor, or elementary school classroom assistant. Other opportunities include jobs as recreation leaders, aides in children's institutions or sales persons of child care products.

ECE course work can meet the requirements for an Early Childhood Education endorsement to a Washington State teaching certificate.

What You'll Do Here
South Puget Sound Community College Early Childhood Education Program is tailored to the needs of working students by offering nighttime courses. Under the instruction local childhood education experts, you’ll conduct a systematic study of the care and development of children from birth to eight years of age.

You’ll take a close look at a child’s needs and development through the disciplines of biology, physical education, language arts, psychology, special needs, nutrition and health. Electives include literature and art, dramatics, math and music for young children.

You’ll also gain field experience in daytime practicums in childcare centers and other educational facilities. Practicum activities include observations, curriculum implementation and leadership of groups of children.