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Class Descriptions

ENGL 090 Integrated Writing & Reading I 
ENGL 093 Reading and Writing Strategies 
ENGL 095 Integrated Writing & Reading II 
ENGL 098 Transitional English Compostion 
ENGL 100 Intermediate Grammar 
ENGL& 101 English Composition I 
ENGL& 102 Composition II 
ENGL& 102B Composition II: (Visual Culture) 
ENGL& 102C Composition II: Service Learning
ENGL& 102D Composition II: Writing About Literature
ENGL 110 Intermediate Grammar 
ENGL& 111 Introduction to Literature 
ENGL& 112 Introduction to Fiction 
ENGL& 113 Introduction to Poetry 
ENGL& 114 Introduction to Drama 
ENGL 198 Writing Lab 
ENGL 200 Writing Tutor Training 
ENGL 201 Women in Literature: Diversity 
ENGL& 235 Technical Writing 
ENGL& 236 Creative Writing I: Fiction 
ENGL& 237 Creative Writing II: Poetry 
ENGL& 238 Creative Writing III: Creative Non-fiction 
ENGL 243 Topics in Modern Literature: (Variable Subtitles) 
ENGL 243B Topics in Modern Literature: Pacific Northwest 
ENGL 243C Topics in Modern Literature: Gay & Lesbian Lit
ENGL& 244 American Literature I 
ENGL 246 Advanced Creative Writing: Prose
ENGL 250 American Ethnic Literature: Diversity 
ENGL& 254 World Literature I 
ENGL& 255 World Literature II 
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