Areas of Study

Areas of Study

Fire and Emergency Services Technology

Degree options

  • Associate Degree
    An Associate in Applied Science Degree will be awarded upon successful completion of a minimum of 90 credits in courses numbered 100 or above. All core and general education  requirements must be met.

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Tedd Hendershot
(360) 866-1000
(McLane Fire Station)

Firefighters save lives. They do this not only in dramatic fashion at actual blazes and emergencies, but also by preventing fires and explosions through public education, facility inspection and preparedness. Fighting fires has always been a demanding profession, requiring excellent mental and physical ability. In modern times, the widespread use of hazardous materials makes the job more challenging and volatile than ever. If you’re determined to pursue a career in fire fighting, the Fire Emergency Services Technology instructors at South Puget Sound Community College are equally determined to help you develop the mental and physical tools you’ll need.

What jobs are there for Fire Emergency Services Technology graduates? Most graduates of South Puget Sound Community College Fire Emergency Services Technology Program will seek entry-level positions as firefighters, firefighter/EMTs, hazardous materials technicians or fire prevention officers.

What You'll Do Here
While you’ll take electives on the South Puget Sound Community College campus, your main classroom will be the Thurston County Fire District 9 Station. At the station, you’ll learn basic firefighting tactics and rescue techniques as well as fire pump and water supply operations, fire prevention and how to identify and handle hazardous materials.



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