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Class Descriptions

MUSC 100 Music Fundamentals
MUSC& 105 Music Appreciation
MUSC 112 Introduction to World Music 
MUSC& 121 Ear Training 1
MUSC& 122 Ear Training 2
MUSC& 123 Ear Training 3
MUSC& 131 Music Theory 1
MUSC& 132 Music Theory 2
MUSC& 133 Music Theory 3
MUSC 134 Jazz Ensemble I
MUSC 135 Jazz Ensemble II

MUSC 147 Class Piano I
MUSC 148 Class Piano II
MUSC 149 Class Piano III
MUSC 150 Choir I
MUSC 151 Choir II
MUSC 152 Choir III
MUSC 157 Class Voice
MUSC 159 Class Guitar
MUSC 170 World Music: Performing Ensemble
MUSC 170A World Music: African Drumming
MUSC 170B World Music: Taketina
MUSC 170C World Music: Afro-Latin Drumming
MUSC 170D World Music: Javanese Gamelan

MUSC 180 Applied Music-Piano
MUSC 180A Applied Music-Piano 1
MUSC 180B Applied Music-Piano 2
MUSC 180C Applied Music-Piano 3 
MUSC 181 Applied Music-Voice
MUSC 182 Applied Music-Strings
MUSC 183 Applied Music-Woodwinds
MUSC 184 Applied Music-Brass
MUSC 185 Applied Music-Percussion
MUSC 186 Keyboard Competence
MUSC 186A Applied Music Keyboard Competence
MUSC 188 Applied Music-Guitar
MUSC& 241 Music Theory IV
MUSC& 242 Music Theory V
MUSC& 243 Music Theory VI 
MUSC 250 Advanced Choir I
MUSC 251 Advanced Choir II
MUSC 252 Advanced Choir III
MUSC 280A Applied Music-Piano 4
MUSC 280B Applied Music-Piano 5
MUSC 280C Applied Music-Piano 6

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