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Parent Education

Class Descriptions

PEP 101 Parenting Your Infant I
PEP 102 Parenting Your Infant II
PEP 103 Parenting Your Toddler I
PEP 104 Parenting Your Toddler II
PEP 105 Parenting Your 3-4 Year Old
PEP 106 Parenting Children in Middle Years (5-10 Years)
PEP 111 Parent Education
PEP 112 Parent Education
PEP 113 Parent Education
PEP 141 Parent-Child Communication
PEP 142 Family Dynamics
PEP 143 Parenting in Single Parent, Step, and Blended Family
PEP 145 Effective Parenting of Teens
PEP 250 Practicum
PEP 255 Parent Education Theory, Systems and Practice