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Areas of Study

Running Start

Welcome to South Puget Sound Community College and the Running Start program! We are excited to help you in your commitment to furthering your education.

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Running Start allows 11th and 12th grade students to take college level courses while enrolled in high school. Credit earned at the college will transfer back to the high school and can count toward high school graduation requirements.

Any student eligible for junior or senior status (11th or 12th grade) who places into or has completed ENGL& 101 is eligible for Running Start. This includes public school, private school and home school students. Class standing is determined by the high school or district the student is enrolled in. Placement into ENGL& 101 can be done several different ways. Students should view the SPSCC Running Start Placement Guide for more information.

Students wishing to take math courses at the college or a course that has a math prerequisite must show that they have met the prerequisite to enter the course. Placement can be made several different ways. Students should view the SPSCC Running Start Placement Guide for more information. Keep in mind a student may place into a lower level math course at the college than what they have completed at the high school.

Tuition on courses above the 100 level and up to 15 credits are paid for by the high school district based on the Running Start funding limits. The funding limits table is available on the Running Start application and should be used by students to create their high school and college schedules. Tuition on courses under the 100 level and over the funding limits are paid by the student starting at the first credit rate on the tuition table. The new tuition rates are generally set between June and July each year for the new academic year.

While students can save significantly on tuition costs, the Running Start program is not free to students.  There are costs incurred by the student based on the number of credits they enroll in at the college. Please see the How Much Does Running Start Cost? handout for more detailed information.

It is possible for a student to satisfy their high school graduation requirements and the degree requirements at the college. Students participating in traditional Running Start (earning credit at the college to graduate from their high school) must make sure they incorporate their high school equivalent courses into their college degree program. Students participating in Degree Completion (earning a high school diploma from the college by completing a college degree) must satisfy the college degree requirements and then request a high school diploma at the time they finish a degree. Either way, a student should expect to enroll in full time Running Start. It is recommended that you meet with an Educational Planner about degree programs and completion at the college.

Information Sessions

Before enrolling in the Running Start program we want to make sure it’s going to be a good fit for you as a student. You are encouraged to attend an information session or go through our online presentation. Students and parents are encouraged to attend an in person session together or both go through the online session at home.

On campus information sessions:

On campus information sessions run October to May. All sessions are located in building 23, room 201 unless otherwise noted.  Sessions are from 5pm to 6pm.  Parking permits are not required for campus- you may park in any designated parking spot you like!

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Upcoming Sessions

  • March 4, 2015
  • March 11, 2015
  • March 25, 2015
  • April 8, 2015
  • April 19, 2015 - Canceled
  • April 29, 2015
  • May 6, 2015
  • May 13, 2015
  • May 27, 2015

Online information session:

Can’t make one of our in person sessions? Feel free to go through our presentation online. You can then or come in to meet with an advisor if you have any additional questions.

Class Schedule
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Fall 2015 Apr 2014 Mar - Apr 2015 May 26 2015 Sept 1 2015 Sept 1 2015 Sept 21 2015
Winter 2016 Oct 2015 Sept - Oct 2015 Nov 9 2015 Dec 15 2015 Dec 15 2015 Jan 4 2016
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*This is the recommended timeframe for testing, however, a student can take the placement test and register for classes up until classes begin for the quarter.  

^If a student is registered for classes and does not submit the verification form by the deadline they will need to pay full tuition to hold their classes.  A 100% refund will only be issued through the 5th day of classes pending receipt of the signed verification form.  Please contact the advising center at if you have questions.

How Do I Apply & Register?

Use the Running Start Checklist for detailed information. Click on the links below for access to calendars and materials referenced in the checklist.

Step 1: Apply online to South Puget Sound Community College
Fill out the web admissions application.

Step 2: Take the Placement Test
For more information on testing dates and times, and study guides, please visit the Testing Center webpage.

Step 3: Meet With Your High School Counselor
Use the course equivalency list for your high school to determine which classes you should sign up for at SPSCC. Your high school counselor will help you fill out the Running Start application form. You can look at available classes on our website through the class schedule.

Step 4: Register For Classes
This is a big piece of your enrollment in Running Start- registering for your classes! You will need to go through our Pre-Registration Orientation (PRO) online to get your registration information.

Step 5: Submit Your Running Start Application & Pay Your Fees
Until you turn in your signed Running Start application you will be charged full tuition for courses. The signed application verifies that you are correctly enrolled in a public, private or home school program and your course distribution between the high school and college. Every Running Start student is required to pay fees for their classes. These fees are due by tuition due date. If you qualify for free or reduced lunch at your high school then you can fill out the fee waiver form.

If you do not turn in your Running Start application AND pay all owing tuition and/or fees by the deadlines listed in the Important Dates you will be dropped from your classes.

Running Start
New Student Registration

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Need to meet with an Educational Planner?

As a new Running Start student you should have already
taken your placement test before scheduling an appointment.

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