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Turfgrass Management

Turfgrass Management

Degree option

  • Associate Degree
    An Associate in Applied Science Degree will be awarded upon successful completion of a minimum of 90 credits in courses numbered 100 or above. All core and general education requirements must be met, with any additional credits to be selected as electives.

Peter Punzi
(360) 596-5473


Students are accepted into the Turfgrass Management program every quarter and can attend either full or part-time.  Full-time students typically complete this program in six quarters, after precollege and prerequsite requirements are met.

Basic skills requirements must be met prior to completion of all certificates and /or degrees. 

This program is a collaborative degree in conjunction with the Walla Walla Community College Turf Management Program (see link under Student Resources for more information on the program). Core Requirements are offered from SPSCC and Turfgrass Classes are offered online from the Walla Walla Community College Turf Management Program. For information about the online Turfgrass classes or opportunities in the Turf Management Field please get in touch with the contacts at the Walla Walla Community College Turf Management Program.

What You'll Do Here
Turfgrass management is the study of turfgrass physiology, culture and use for ornamental, recreational and sports applications. Students gain knowledge and competency in turfgrass and equipment management necessary for a professional career working with both private and public consumers. The program includes both lecture and hands-on lab experiences. Instruction takes place in the classroom, laboratory and in the turfgrass industry. The pros and cons of utilizing organic and non-organic materials and methods are presented. This program is unique in that 25 of the required credits will be taken through WAOL (Washington Online) shared online courses offered by Walla Walla Community College, but available through South Puget Sound Community College.

A cooperative work experience/internship in the industry is a key requirement for the AAS degree.

This program specifically prepares students for employment in the turfgrass management industry in the areas of residential, commercial and governmental landscape maintenance, sod production farms, sports turf management, parks management and sales of goods and services.

Students graduating from the program can also learn the skills necessary to start their own business.


Student Resources