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From Many Views, One Vision

Board of Trustees; Dick Wadley, Leonor Fuller, Barbara Clarkson, Judy Blinn and Brian Vance by Aaron Managhan

Not to get sappily patriotic about a Board of Trustees, but … they are representative democracy in action — five local citizens entrusted to govern a uniquely American institution: the public community college.

Our (Un)Athletic Director

Pam Charpentierby Aaron Managhan

“No matter what it is, I’ll watch it; anything,” Charpentier said. “I can just get caught up in it.” That love for sports blossomed, continuing into high school, where Charpentier supported her Western Senior High (Washington, D.C.) classmates.

Linked By a Smile

Executive Director of College Foundation: Holly Masonby Aaron Managhan

“Holly Mason brought strong, effective and a continuity of leadership to the College Foundation at a critical time in its development,” he said. “She developed very strong personal working relationships with each and every Foundation Board member. And before long she did the same with college faculty, staff and students.”