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Ralph and Karen Munro

By: Aaron Managhan
On a clear July morning, there are few finer places to wake up on the planet than Ralph and Karen Munro’s charmed and charming Triple Creek Farm. But for the former Secretary of State and his wife, such mornings are made even better by the arrival of a passel of anthropology students eager to dig up the classroom in the Munro’s back yard.

Chapman proves to be anything but the 'Norm'

By: Aaron Managhan
You’d be hard pressed to find someone more enthusiastic about what they do at South Puget Sound Community
College than Automotive Technology Professor Norm Chapman. “I’m totally jazzed,” Chapman said. “To be in something like that is just remarkable. I just shake

Kohlers all about paying education forward

By: Aaron Managhan
Dave Kohler couldn’t have finished his college education without some help. Now, he and wife Patty are giving
back, determined to pay forward the opportunity that has afforded them so much.