Areas of Study

Areas of Study

Business Administration

Degree options

  • Associate Degree
    An Associate in Applied Science Degree will be awarded upon successful completion of a minimum of 90 credits in courses numbered 100 or above. All core and general education  requirements must be met, with any additional credits to be selected as electives.
  • Certificates
    Business Operations Coordinator Certificate of Completion or Financial Services Certificates of Proficiency will be awarded upon successful completion of all required Core Requirements and the specified general education requirements. Courses used to complete the certificate apply directly to the Business AAS degree.

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Business success takes more than hard work, luck and capital. It takes the ability to communicate, to think creatively and to work cooperatively. Corporate leaders will tell you that today's businesswoman or man needs to know much more than math and marketing. Our complex, interlocking, global economy demands a broad-based knowledge in the basics of many fields, including sociology, science, and the humanities.

Opportunities and potential earnings vary with the geographic area and size of firm as well as past experience of the individual. The opportunities available in establishing one's own business are limited only by abilities and desires.

What You'll Do Here
Jobs in management include planning and organizing operations, directing personnel and implementing control mechanisms to assure the smooth operation of the organization. Marketing jobs might include retail buying, selling, fashion merchandising, promotion, industrial selling and wholesaling.

During our two-year program, you'll learn the basics of business practice, including marketing, management, business math and law, accounting, economics, writing and public speaking. You'll also have the opportunity to study retailing, supervision, advertising, payroll accounting, real estate and the sociology of work.