Areas of Study

Areas of Study

High School Completion

South Puget Sound Community College offers two options for High School Completion.

1. Students who qualify for High School Completion have the option to complete required high school graduation courses at the college and then request a state issued high school diploma from SPSCC. Courses can be used toward an Associate degree if courses meet degree requirements. Qualifying courses for High School Completion may be authorized for a tuition reduction rate. To qualify students must be age 21 or older and have credit on a high school transcript for grade 9 prior to the 2004-2005 school year.


2. Students have the option to complete an Associate degree at the college and then request a state issued high school diploma from SPSCC. Students must be 21 or older to request a high school diploma but may start Associate degree requirements at any time. Students must pay full tuition on all courses and may be required to take pre-college level courses in order to meet degree requirements. Degree Completion is not eligible for a tuition reduction rate. Students must pay full tuition on courses.

Download the High School Completion Handout (pdf) for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is recommended that you apply at least 3 months or more in advance of the quarter you plan to begin your classes. An application must be received, official transcripts evaluated, and placement test completed prior to your registration. If you apply late you may have to delay your start until the next quarter.

If you are 19 years of age or older and a resident of Washington State, a tuition waiver is available for credit classes which apply to your HSC program. The cost is approximately+ $12 per credit. See your counselor or advisor for more information about a tuition waiver.

You will pay full tuition for any courses that are not requirements for your diploma.

You are responsible for any additional technology, special service, or special fees that are paid by all SPSCC students. You will also be responsible for any class fee, supplies or textbooks.

If you are 18 or younger, passed the Reading, Writing and Math WASL, and a resident of Washington State, you pay full tuition at the same rate as other community college students. Call (360) 596-5246 for current tuition rates.

Tuition waivers may be revoked if satisfactory academic progress is not maintained.

Yes, if your English, reading and math skills are at a high enough level, your classes may count for both High School and College credit. College or technical class credit may be used to meet high school and college requirements. These credits may count for both your high school diploma and your college transfer or professional/technical degree.

The GED exam is a series of five tests in the following subjects: Writing Skills, Social Studies, Science, Interpreting Literature, and Mathematics.

A high school diploma is granted only after all required high school credits and any other state requirements have been successfully completed.

You can talk to a Educational Planner or the testing center about the best choice for you.

Yes. Contact the Testing Center or Educational Planner.

You must submit a notarized letter from the person who provided the instruction stating that you were home-schooled. Work completed through home-schooling does not meet high school diploma requirements. All credits applied toward a diploma must be earned from a recognized high school or other accredited institution. If under age 21 you must provide documentation of passing all sections of the WASL tests (Reading, English & Math) to participate in the HSC program.

If you are 19 or older there are no restrictions on your entrance to the high school completion program. If you are 16, 17 or 18 years of age you need a completed SPSCC High School Release form from your local high school, even if you did not attend classes at that high school.


Shanon Millman Rodriguez
Testing Center
Building 25, Room 126
(360) 596 5238