Areas of Study

Areas of Study

Worker Retraining

The Worker Retraining Program assists people who are unemployed or facing imminent layoff. The program can help individuals get started in training for a new career or help update skills.

To be eligible for the Worker Retraining Program, an applicant must meet one of the following qualifications:

  • Be considered a dislocated worker as defined by the Employment Security Department, or
  • Be drawing Washington State unemployment benefits, or
  • Have exhausted Washington State unemployment benefits within the past 24 months, or
  • Be employed in an occupation considered not in demand and require training to avoid layoff (Vulnerable Worker-will require additional documentation), or
  • Be someone who has worked in the home for more than 3 years providing unpaid household services for family members and have been financially dependent upon the income of another family member but within the past 24 months are no longer dependent upon that income due to legal separation, divorce, disability or death of that family member (Displaced Homemaker).

Get Started!

The Worker Retraining Program can assist with your first quarter tuition, books, childcare and transportation. If you would like to know if you qualify for Worker Retraining, please fill out and submit the Worker Retraining Application. For more information, call our Worker Retraining Office (360) 596-5446.  Print a copy of the Steps to Getting Started & Enrolling sheet to help guide you once you have determined your eligibility as a Worker Retraining candidate.  

Required Documentation:

  • Current unemployment check stub, or
  • Documentation from the Employment Security Department that you have exhausted unemployment benefits within the past 24 months, or
  • Warn notice from your employer, or
  • Legal documentation proving eligibility as a Displaced Homemaker.

In addition to submitting the Worker Retraining application, applicants must also do the following:


Students are required to apply for financial aid (FAFSA) to qualify for the Worker Retraining program.  More information is available from our Financial Aid office.

Additional resources are available for Dislocated Workers at State of Washington WorkSource Thurston County located at 1570 Irving St SW, Tumwater - (360) 704-3600 –


Worker Retraining Office
Building 25, First Floor
(360) 596-5446
Fax: (360) 596-5709