Office of Student Life

Office of Student Life

Welcome to the Diversity and Equity Center

The Diversity & Equity Center is meant to be a safe, hate-free space for ALL students. It is a place where we can connect with our own communities while learning from other communities. It is a place dedicated to respectful learning, community building, and the appreciation of diversity.

The Diversity and Equity Center is located in Building 22 on the 2nd floor across from the enrollment offices. Our hours vary – if the lights are on come on in!

Meet Your Diversity Advisors

Eileen Yoshina, Director of Diversity & Equity:
John Rajcich, Assistant Director of Diversity & Equity:
Karama Blackhorn, Program Coordinator, Diversity and Equity Center:
Merrill A. Williams, Senator for Diversity & Equity Affairs:

welcomes values and supports all who work and study here